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Joe Woodworker Vacuum Bag. The process of making an airtight bag had eluded me for many months. It has the stem for hook up to the press but has never been installed to the bag as this is a new old stock bag.

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You ll find several pages of veneer related information including vacuum press plans veneering tools and veneer glues. I see these are on sale currently on their site for 268 20 plus shipping. Vacuum pressing systems for laminating veneering.

Vacuum can be achieved either through the use of an electric vacuum pump diaphragm piston rotary vane etc or with a pneumatic device called a venturi.

Not only does joe provide detailed tutorials and information on making your own vacuum bag and making your own vacuum press he also provides all the materials you need to do it. The other end of the tubing is connected to your vacuum clamping jig. Think of the vacuum bag as a giant sandwich bag aka zip lock bag in which the air is removed by a vacuum source such as an air powered venturi or an electric vacuum pump. Time after time i would make a decent sized bag and take all the necessary steps to prepare and seal it only to notice a tiny leak somewhere it was nothing but pure accident that led me to discover a solution that would seal the leaks on even my oldest bags.